January 2018

January has been relatively mild. We did receive some snow however precipitation was not enough to solve our very dry conditions. The Penrose AG Met sensor has been inoperable for this month therefore I am unable to provide exact details. Snow in the region is almost non-existent, Pikes Peak is bare and the current drought monitors list Penrose as a moderate drought area. WE NEED SNOW!!
The work has begun on the upper canal replacing the cement lining that has slipped, cracked or broken beyond repair. This project is funded by the Grant we received from CWCB. This is the beginning of a complete makeover for the upper ditch. We will be able to request additional Grant monies in the future to complete the lining replacement for the entire upper ditch. The water loss has been substantial in the past few years due to the damaged lining. This will increase our water retention to Brush Hollow. Our superintendent and his staff have piped water around the areas being worked on in effort to continue water flow to Penrose Water District and Brush Hollow. In the past we shut the entire water system down and water would flow down Beaver Creek until the project was completed and Penrose Water District would pump water from Brush Hollow to fill their ponds. This enables us to retain our water and get the lining replaced at the same time.  A BIG thank you to Tom, Connie, Larry and Charlie for their extra work in saving our water during construction.
All shareholders should be receiving the annual shareholders meeting packets in the mail this week. You will receive all the documents regarding proxy information, 2018 budget, 2017 minutes, Board of Director open position, proposed changes to BPWI Articles of Inc. and By-laws and Agenda for meeting. It is very important that you plan to attend the meeting of February 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm located at the Penrose Elementary School Gymnasium. If you can’t attend, please sign your proxy either to the proxy committee or another shareholder that will be attending. It is extremely important that we have a quorum to do business at this meeting, if we do not have enough shares represented and are unable to have a meeting, shareholders that are not represented will be assessed a $5.00/share charge. Very important to respond to the documents sent. If you do not receive a packet by February 19th please come to the office and you will be provided with all the necessary documents.
2018 statements will be mailed out the first week of March. All assessments are due APRIL 1ST. Shareholders will have the option to pay assessments in two payments. Half of the balance is to be paid by April 1st and the second half by August 1st.  Those wishing to pay assessments in two parts will be assessed an additional charge of $10.00 to cover administrative costs. Shareholders that are not in good standing with Beaver Park Water Inc. will not be eligible to receive irrigation water until assessments are paid. You will NOT be contacted by the ditch riders as a reminder. It is your responsibility to make payments as described above. Any questions, please contact the office at 719-372-3664.


2017 December - A YEAR IN REVIEW OF 2017

Recap of 2017

January – Penrose received 3-4 inches of snow, upper ditch lining repair was in its final phase.

February – Weather was warm and dry. Brush Hollow telemetry was installed for accurate measurement of water going into Brush Hollow. Annual Shareholders meeting was successful with 65% of the shares represented either in person or via proxy. Gary Ratkovich and Sonny Daniels were re-elected to the Board of Directors. A list of shareholders to serve as interns to the Board of Directors was compiled and those interested will be attending the monthly Board Meetings for informational purposes should they choose at some point and time to run for an open Board position in the future.

March – Ditch riders completed cleaning the open canals of the system to ready for irrigations. Winter provided very little moisture. Brush Hollow is currently at 84.60. Printed copies of the “Study of the Beaver Park Project” are available in the office.

April – Assessments are due on the 1st. April received almost 2 inches of rain/snow showers. Irrigation began on the 17th. City line project completed installing 862 ft. of pipe on 6th street.

May – Weather was a variety of weather patterns, snow, rain, wind and heat. Penrose received over 2 inches of moisture during the month. First irrigations are almost complete; some fields are newly planted as the rain kept them out for most of the month. The office window is now posting which ditch riders are covering the weekends and their contact numbers. We are looking for a new ditch rider as Jeremy will be leaving us soon.

June – Very dry month. The highs were in the lower 90’s. Brush Hollow remains high at 86 ft. Jeremy’s last day is the 23rd and we are still looking to fill the position.

July – Tom Lilze went out due to a serious medical issue. Connie and Larry have been holding the entire system together. Larry Degenhart was hired temporarily to cover the West side deliveries due to Tom’s absence. This provided Connie the ability to train our newly hired ditch rider Charlie Avila. Penrose received 2-3 inches of rain on the 13th of July, causing flooding throughout Penrose.  Brush Hollow is currently at 91.70 ft. providing no issues with distribution of irrigation water.

August – Tom was able to return to work on a part time basis. By the end of the month he had worked up to taking calls on his phone. Larry Degenhart ended his temporary status and returned to his retirement.

September – Irrigation water remains plentiful and most shareholders have received three irrigations. Tom returns to a normal schedule. Beaver Park Water was awarded $117,000 in Grant monies to replace the lining in the upper canal. Steve Kastner our engineer wrote the grant application and was successful in achieving the grant for us. Satellite monitoring system was not working appropriately most of the month.

October – Weather was warm and mostly dry. Great weather for many to cut and dry their hay. However by the end of the month it was very windy causing leaves and debris to clog up screens and lines. Staff completed line 9A project and repaired 6A on the West side.

November – Very little precipitation with .50 inch of rain received for the month. Line 9A had to be redesigned due to leakage. Final irrigations will end 11/29.

December – Primary focus has been mowing the upper ditch area, cleaning fish trap and repairs to equipment. Penrose received little moisture this month, .03 of an inch. Temperatures have ranged from day time high of 67 to night time low of 1.9. Brush Hollow is currently reading 89 feet which is high for this time of year. It has been a very taxing year for the ditch riders with Tom’s absence, training a new ditch rider on lines they didn’t know themselves, Covering Tom’s lines, keeping up with their own lines. Many, Many thanks for their perseverance and long hours. With all the craziness we endured in 2017, we are truly looking forward to 2018. Happy New Year!