July Update

July has definitely been a whirlwind for Beaver Park Water Staff. Due to Tom’s medical absence; Connie Johnson and Larry Feyerherm were running the entire system until Larry Degenhart (retired last year) came to the rescue and is temporarily working the West lines. Connie is training and running irrigation with our newest ditch rider Charlie Avila for the East Lines. Larry Feyerherm is continuing to work his middle lines and assist with the training and all of them are monitoring the reservoir, weirs, diversion, canals and creeks and recording measurements and making the necessary adjustments as needed. In addition they are scheduling and delivering water on the City Lines and lines that are normally ran by the Superintendent. Needless to say, all of ditch riders are working seven days a week until irrigations are running as customary.

As if working short staffed wasn’t enough; the community of Penrose experienced a weather event that impacted most of Penrose with 2-3 inches of rain in a two hour time span on July 13th.  Not only did we experience a down pour; Bear Creek that runs across 3rd and 4th street was running high and dumping water into our lower canal causing our canal to overflow. Connie and Larry immediately closed the Lake off and shut down all of the transfers from the system.  The irrigation system remained off until 19th when we could get shareholders scheduled to receive water. Completion of 2nds is coming soon with 3rds starting.
Good News! We are pleased to announce and welcome our newest Ditch Rider, Charlie Avila to the Beaver Park Water, Inc. staff. He is looking forward to meeting and working with all the shareholders on the East Lines. Tom is anticipated to return to modified duties possibly as soon as the first week of August. And the Best News of all; Brush Hollow Reservoir is at 91.70 feet. This should definitely secure irrigations for the season.
Beaver Park Water wants to thank all those who have assisted in helping the staff through this difficult month. We have been fortunate to have previous ditch riders and shareholders share their time, knowledge and experience in running the East Lines. A big thank you goes out to all the shareholders for their patience and understanding during this transition period. Please continue to keep in mind that learning new lines doesn’t come easy, please be patient as Charlie learns the East Line deliveries. In addition, if you are aware of a particular uniqueness to your delivery, please share this with Charlie. Your assistance is a valuable part of his learning process.
We survived July …..Bring on August!
REMINDER – The 2nd half of assessments are due and payable by August 1st. Unpaid assessments will not receive irrigation water until assessments are in good standing


June Update

June has been a very dry month for Penrose. Precipitation received was less than a tenth of an inch. Several storms have teased us, but passed us by. The high recorded by the AG sensor located in Penrose was 91.90 and the low recorded was 43.20.

We have been fortunate that the rains and snow melt above us have kept the Brush Hollow Reservoir consistently above 86 ft. which has not interfered with irrigations. Second irrigations are currently being distributed throughout the system.

We are currently interviewing candidates for the ditch rider position for the East side. Jeremy’s last day was June 23rd. Jeremy was offered a position in Colorado Springs and we wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.

At the present time, Tom, Larry and Connie are covering the east lines until a replacement is put into place. However, please keep in mind a new ditch rider will be in training for a few weeks and due to our systems age and unique design it will take time to learn. Your patience will be greatly appreciated while the process of learning is occurring. Tom will be assisting in every way possible to provide a smooth transition. Please contact Tom at 371-4311 for any questions or concerns.
The office will be closed Tuesday, July 4th.  All ditch riders will be on call on the 4th.