NOVEMBER 2017 Update

The weather for the month was mostly windy causing major problems in the system with leaves and debris clogging up the screens and causing water to spill over unto the roadways and plugged the water from going down the lines for irrigation.  Temperatures ranged from highs in the upper 70’s to night lows down to 18 degrees.  Total precipitation for the month recorded at the AG met sensor in Penrose at .43 inches.

Finally after changing the design in line 9A, the line is completed with no leaks appearing. Tom and the staff are all happy to have this challenge behind them. Gary Wilson with Wilson Excavating will be starting the upper ditch lining replacement as weather and time permits. This is made possible by the Grant that Beaver Park Water was fortunate to receive from the State of Colorado. 

As the irrigation season is winding down, final irrigations will end by 11/29/17. As the State of Colorado Water recognizes irrigation season from 4/15 – 11/15. We are considered to be in winter storage from 11/16 – 4/14. This does not mean that we can’t irrigate prior to 4/15 or after 11/15, but any water we receive at the L Street weir above 8 cfs is counted towards our obligation to pay back our portion to the State for storage of water during the winter months.

For those who wonder what the ditch riders do when not running water? The answer is; the work doesn’t stop. The staff during the winter months performs repairs and cleans the lines throughout the entire system. They typically work a normal schedule Monday –Friday 8am – 4pm. They take turns working the weekends checking the diversion, upper ditch, delivery to Penrose water system intake and the lake. They monitor record and document all the levels at each section.  They additionally take this time to make sure all the equipment is running and functioning appropriately. Repair or replace tools used to maintain the lines.  As they are not able to take vacation time during irrigation season they use this time to schedule time off.

The date for the Annual shareholders meeting has been set for February 24, 2018. Packets will be mailed to each shareholder at the beginning of February 2018. It is very important to read and understand all the proposed items that will come before the meeting on that date. If you are unable to attend please make sure to designate a voting proxy; this can be either the proxy committee or another shareholder that will execute your vote.




October 2017 Update

October was unusually warm and dry month until the last week of the month we experienced cold drizzle turning into snow just in time for trick-or-treaters…. I think Mother Nature seems to know when Halloween is and always provides us with wintery cold evenings. The recorded highs for the month were daytime temperatures in the low 80’s and the night time low’s reached 22 degrees.
With those warm dry temperatures many hay fields were able to cut and bale a third crop this year. Great news for Penrose farmers! Later in the month we experienced the wind that played with all the dried leaves and clogged up the screens and water lines. This put an extra burden on the ditch riders and those receiving their 4th irrigations. It was a constant battle keeping the screens and lines clear.

In addition to running water the ditch riders worked on the line 09A project on 8th street and it is finally completed and a repair was made on line 06A on the west side.
As a reminder to all…irrigations will only run until 11/15/17, unless it snows/freezes and it would be possible that all irrigations will end at that time.

Do not forget to vote on November 7th. All ballots MUST be received by 7pm at the Fremont County Clerk and Recorder Office located on Macon Avenue in Canon City. Both Penrose Water District and Penrose Recreational Park have ballot items that directly effect our Penrose Community.