April Update

Penrose was very fortunate to receive some well needed water this month. According to the AG Met sensor located in Penrose, we have received a total of 1.6 inches of moisture this month with more possible rain showers and or snow to complete April. The rain along with irrigation beginning on Monday April 17th, the dry land is getting a good drink.

The ditch riders finished cleaning the canals to ready for irrigation and completed the City Line project installing 862 ft. of pipe on 6th street. This project had been delayed due to other issues that arose last year that were considered more urgent. The start of irrigation began without too much trouble this year. Balancing out the water throughout the system can prove to be tricky at times, however minor adjustments were made and water is being distributed to shareholders.
Important tips for Shareholders and water distribution:

1.      Assessments must be paid either in full or at least ½ in order to receive water.

2.      Your ditch rider is the person who schedules and distributes the water.

3.      It is your responsibility to control your water, if tail water is in the road or neighbor’s driveway, water will be turned down or off depending on your actions to correct the problem.

4.      Any issue that you can’t resolve with your ditch rider, contact the Superintendent. If the matter cannot be resolved, the issue should be brought to a board members attention immediately.

Superintendent is Tom Lilze @ 371-4311

East Side Ditch Rider is Jeremy Ervin @ 371-4310

Middle Lines Ditch Rider is Larry Feyerherm @ 371-4313

West Side Ditch Rider is Connie Johnson @ 371-4312

There is ditch rider weekend coverage. Either all ditch riders will work or they will trade off, with two ditch riders covering all the lines. New this year, a note board will be on the office window providing you with who to contact on the weekends if you are having a problem. Ultimately, if you are unable to reach anyone, always call the Superintendent at 371-4311. Leaving a message on the office phone will NOT provide you assistance.

The office is open Monday-Friday 7:30 am. -4:00 pm. Office is closed daily from 12 noon to 1:00 pm. Banking is done in Canon City during the scheduled lunch time, sometimes the office will not reopen until 1:30pm due to traffic or amount of errands.  There will be other occasions that the office is closed;   a note will be posted to give a return time.  The office number is 372-3664.

 April showers bring May flowers





March Updates

March finally provided Penrose with some precipitation, very little but we are happy to receive any amount. According to the AG Met sensor we have received a total of almost .25 of an inch of recordable moisture for the month. If the weather predictions hold true, we should receive more precipitation on the 31st and the 1st of April. Brush Hollow is currently at 84.6 reading on the gage. Currently we are receiving 17 c.f.s. at the L Street weir.
Tom Lilze and the ditch riders completed cleaning and minor repairs to the lower canal. They currently are working on problem areas that were not addressed last year while water was running. Depending on our ability to continue to store water, irrigations may begin as early as 4/3/17 or possibly the week of 4/10/17.  Is your pipe out? Are you ready?

It hardly is a secret that we did not have our typical winter snow here in Penrose, nor did the South side of Pikes Peak. Therefore we are hopeful we receive some major spring storms that will benefit our dry soil. Unless we receive some significant rain or heavy wet snow, it may be a dry summer. Mother Nature has our irrigating potential in her hands…

“The study of The Beaver Park Project” that was printed in 1954 by the Agricultural Extension Service and Experiment station cooperating with the Beaver Park Company of Penrose has been reprinted and is available at the Beaver Park Water office. Even though the study was completed 63 years ago, many aspects of irrigation and cultural practices still apply today. Please stop by and get your copy.
Reminder if assessments are not paid either in full or half by April 1st you will not be eligible to receive irrigation water. A list is given to the ditch riders of those who did not pay. If your name is on the list the ditch rider will not call you for scheduling of water. It is your responsibility to make sure your account is in good standing. No one will contact you to remind you. Notices will be sent out in May of outstanding balances.