September Update

The month of September was a very busy month for the ditch riders as they delivered thirds to most of the shareholders. Some shareholders have started fourths as we are fortunate to have plenty of water for this time of year. The reservoir is currently above 90 ft.  The month began much like summer with temperatures in the 90’s during the day for highs and the lowest recorded temperature was a night time recording of 35 degrees towards the end of the month. Additionally, the AG Met sensor in Penrose recorded almost 2 inches of precipitation for the month of September.
A delivery line on the west side was replaced thanks to the ditch riders. They worked on it as they could when it didn’t interfere with irrigations. Tom is gaining back his strength and has returned to work on a normal schedule. Charlie Avila on the East side is doing well learning the lines he is responsible for.
On September 21st, Beaver Park Water was awarded grant money which will allow us to replace the canal lining on the upper ditch. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our engineer, Steve Kastner as he wrote the grant application and was successful in getting the award on the first try. He is a great asset and can’t be thanked enough for all his hard work.
For those who are tracking the telemetry statistics on Brush Hollow, L St. and the Diversion, please be aware that the satellite monitoring system has had some problems this month and repeated the same information rather than recording new information. Our systems manager was here to make necessary adjustments this week, so hopefully it has been corrected.
Everyone is looking forward to Penrose’s annual Apple Day Celebration to be held 10/7/17. This is a great tradition that has been celebrated for over 80 years.


August Update

Due to the significant rain received in July, many shareholders waited for the fields to dry out before cutting. However the first part of the month brought us another 1.3 inches of rain, needless to say many did not want irrigation water. The creek has been running at over 100 cfs steady all month long, spilling at the diversion. Brush Hollow is at 90 feet which is high for this time of the year. The small break of dry skies allowed many to cut and bale their fields and irrigations will continue to complete the thirds for the season. The temperatures have been lower than most summer months with low 90’s for the highs and 49.4 for the lows.

Charlie Avila the new ditch rider for the East Lines has learned most of the deliveries and has recently been trained on the mowing machine to clear the upper ditch screen areas.  Other good news, Tom has been able to come to work a couple hours a day and provide assistance over the phone when it is needed. We realize that it will take some time for him to work up to a regular schedule but we are so thankful for his continued healing process. Additionally, Tom has recently begun directly taking calls on his phone. We can’t thank Larry Degenhart enough for his compassion and kindness for coming out of retirement to assist Beaver Park Water in our time of need during Tom’s absence. We have a great team working at Beaver Park Water, Inc. their continued dedication to work these past two months at seven days a week without a day off. They take their responsibilities very serious and will do what it takes to provide the shareholders irrigation water.  

Reminder to all shareholders that owe the 2nd half of their 2017 assessments! Assessments were due August 1st. All balances beyond August 31st will be charged interest on the total balance due. Past due statements will be sent out the first week of September. All accounts with outstanding balances will not receive irrigations until accounts are in good standing. The ditch riders will NOT contact you to schedule water or remind you of your unpaid status.